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Custom Pinball Projects

After collecting a while, some hobbyists find they want a game with a specific theme or subject that cannot be bought or was never built by the various pinball companies over the past 50-60 years.  Or, they may lack space/want more games than they can afford or locate in their house - so they turn to an emulation-style cabinet that provides a MAME-style experience with multiple tables.  A few of these latter choices are available commercially, but many have been built by hobbyists too.

This page is devoted to both - if you are building either a completely unique game that hasn't been done before, a multi-table emulation setup, or something else unique to pinball, let us know and we'll set up/host content for you, too!  Enjoy.....

Futurama Space 3000 custom pinball machine
Amazing custom pinball built from an Atari Superman
The Three Stooges custom pinball machine
YouTube video
Custom pinball built from a Dolly Parton
Cabin Fever custom pinball    Video!
Completely unique, 3/4 size pinball project

The Visible Pinball Machine   Photo  Video!
Completely transparent, working EM pinball
Interview with creator Michael Schiess
Personal Pinball
Build-to-order custom pinball machines/artwork
Custom Metallica pinball machine
Building a custom pinball from an Earthshaker

Coconut Island pinball project
Ground-up pinball project, AU-based

Homebrew pinball project
YouTube videos of a homebrew pinball project (3)

Dutch Pinball   Game in play (video)
New software and DMD for The Machine: Bride of Pinbot

The Richie Rich Pinball Machine
One-off pinball made for the 1994 Richie Rich movie

Alchemy - The Red Opus
(3) Y-T videos of a DMD Custom pinball project

Older PC-based custom pinball

Cosmic Colony
Complete redo/custom design from a Space Shuttle
(Also seen in person at the 2010 NW Pinball Show!)
Mars Attacks!
Reskin of a Williams 'Password' woodrail pinball
XTCPinball - custom pinball projects/links
Big list of even MORE custom pinball projects!

Amazing custom pinball built from a Stern Magic

Gooligan's Hooligans  Expo 2008 presentation of game
Video of Roger C. Sharpe playing Gooligan's Hooligans

Project Solar Ride
Completely rewire a GTB Solar Ride using a PC

Critical Mass
Rebuilt/reimagined Gottlieb early 80's prototype

Pinball Inventor
John Popadiuk's Custom Pinball site
Tilt Warning
Mike Budai's custom pinball
wild art, re-imagining's of EM and SS pinballs
Luther's Vendetta
re-work of a 1965 Dodge City EM
Bill Paxton pinball
not sure on this one, but looks well done...
The top 12 custom pinballs
(some repeat links above)
Ground Cat custom pinball project
Seattle-area custom pinball project
Pinball Construction Kit
Another great Seattle-area custom pinball project

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