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 - PSA Pinball Party, Sat. Oct 21, 2006 -

Puget Sound Amusements of Oak Harbor, WA hosted their third annual Pinball & Pizza party at the Pizza Factory in Oak Harbor again this year.  Again, a really fun event and kudos to Bret Fitch, Denny Klein, Pizza Factory, and everyone involved in planning/organizing and making this event happen.

Machines this year included the following:  

Room #1:  (Bally) Dr. Dude, (Bally) Scared Stiff, (Bally) Spectrum, (Gottlieb) Joker Poker, (Stern) Lord of the Rings, (Williams) Toledo, (Bally) Who Dunnit?, (Williams) Whirlwind, (Capcom) Pinball Magic, (Bally) Cactus Canyon), (Williams) F-14 Tomcat, (Williams) Stardust, and (Stern) Catacomb.  Also in Room 1 were the 3 tournament machines: (Stern) Elvis, (Bally) Attack from Mars, and (Williams) Pinbot.

Room#2:  (Williams) Monster Bash, (Stern) The Simpsons Pinball Party, (Bally) Creature from the Black Lagoon, (Gottlieb) World's Fair, (Stern) Pirates of the Caribbean, (Williams) Fish Tales, (Williams) Firepower, (Gottlieb) Black Hole, (Bally) Theater of Magic, (Stern) Dragonfist, (Bally) Twilight Zone, (Stern) Seawitch, (Williams) Star Trek: The Next Generation, (Data East) Guns 'n Roses, (Williams) Travel Time, (Williams) Earthshaker, (Gottlieb) Bank-a-Ball.

So, a good cross-section of EM/80's solid state/modern machines to be seen, 33 in all (8 more than last year, pretty cool!).  If you attended last year's event (see show report '05 Show report here) there were some of the same machines, but several new, including the good showing from 80's Stern machines (Seawitch, Dragonfist, Catacomb).  I had looked forward to playing all three of these machines and wasn't disappointed, each had some cool stuff going on - especially the speech and BG 'whip action' for the Catacomb. It reminded me of my Stern Lightning I used to have a couple years ago.  It was also cool to revisit Black Hole again - 'back in the day' in Seaside, OR there was a Black Hole, Haunted House, Xenon, Black Knight and Space Invaders that took my money every time I walked by that arcade - wish I had half the pinballs those guys had back then....sigh.

Good crowd, probably more people this year, and I'm sure the CL announcements helped over the past month.  Missed the Nascar and Wizard machines from last year but again, the old-school Sterns (and POC) were a nice surprise.  Hopefully Shorty's here in Seattle will get a POC if they haven't already....and thanks to the VRPA up north from BC, for coming down too! :)  This year as usual my wife beat me at most machines except LOTR and Cactus Canyon, where I cleaned up, muhahahaha!

Anyway, enjoy the pics and see ya next year!

Here is a QuickTime video I shot of the Stern Catacomb in action: 
Click here to watch


Room 1, long wall

Room 2, long wall

Room 2

Room 2, other side (Avast ye Jack Straw!)

Williams Firepower - always a quarter-stealer back in the day....

The DragonFist will claim YOU!

First in a series of Pinball BG's with buxom babes on them - never seen THAT before! :)

The frumpy Joker-Poker king, who's obviously sad he's getting run over by pinballs instead of hanging out on the BG with his 'subjects'.... :)

Seawitch BG - Hmmm...I'm detecting a theme here.....

Seawitch PF art....

Older Williams EM, pretty cool.

Yep, Creature Feature...

It's all about concentration.....

And of course, another suggestive BG :)







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