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 - PSA Pinball Party, Sat. Dec 3 2005 -

Puget Sound Amusements of Oak Harbor, WA hosted their second annual Pinball & Pizza party at the Pizza Factory in Oak Harbor again this year.  Great event and kudos to Bret Fitch, Denny Klein, and everyone involved in planning/organizing and making this event happen.  We drove up from Seattle this morning and stayed most of the afternoon, had a great time!

Machines this year included the following:  

Room #1:  Nascar, Junkyard, Monster Bash, South Park, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Twilight Zone, Star Trek the Next Generation, Pinbot, Who Dunnit, Wizard, Funhouse and The Sopranos;

Room#2: Cactus Canyon, White Water, Terminator 2, Theatre of Magic, Corvette, Diner, The Simpsons Pinball Party, Road Kings, Xenon, World Fair, Sing Along, Bank-a-Ball, and Attack from Mars.  There was also a Ms. Pac-Man video game.

If you attended last year's event (still digging up my digipics for that one) there were a few more machines this year due in part to more space (nice!), but was sad to miss Bally's Transporter The Rescue from last year, I think Bret sold it.  Anyway, we participated in two of the several tournaments but got our clocks cleaned - these guys are serious! We did better in the doubles part than I did in the 'tommy' tournament (see that pic below - basically for every ball, the pinball is progressively covered up with cardboard, a la The Who's "Tommy" - fun!  There were probably around 50 people in attendance throughout the day, including several members of the VRPA up north from BC, thanks for coming down guys! :)

Highlights included getting to play the new Nascar machine (finally) and as per usual, my wife beat me on nearly every game we played head to head, especially Cactus Canyon, Xenon (like she does on the one we have at home) and Junkyard.  I think I only won on T2 and maybe TSPP.  Sigh.

Anyway, enjoy the pics and make sure you make it up next year! (discounted pizza and beer at Pizza Factory again too doesn't hurt :)


pixelated Monster Bash PF detail
Pixelated detail from Monster Bash PF 
Room 2 machines and 'playahs'
Room 2 machines and 'playahs' -
Joust was OO (doh!)

Other side of Room 2
Other side of Room 2

Room 1 - Who said there was a minimum age to enjoy pinball?
Room 1 - Who said there was a min. age to enjoy pinball? 
Gottlieb Sing-Along BG detail
Gottlieb Sing-Along BG detail 

Slingshot detail from one of the 3 wedgeheads
Slingshot detail from World's Fair machine

Pinball, 'Tommy' style.....
Pinball, 'Tommy' style.....      
More PF detail from World's Fair
More PF detail from World's Fair machine







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