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For the past few decades, Stern Pinball, Inc.
(and its effective predecessors, Data East/Sega) has been carrying the torch for new pinball manufacturing after Williams and Bally left the scene in the '90s.  But in the immediate past, at least two new manufacturers have popped up - including Heighway Pinball (UK) and Jersey Jack Pinball (NJ, USA).  Very interesting stuff - and, competition is a good thing, so bring it!

Older 90's era Williams, Bally and Sega/Data East machines may often be seen at various locations, together with even older machines from Williams, Bally, Gottlieb, the original Stern (which closed in the early 80's) and Chicago Coin (bought out by Stern in the late 70's).  This last group will be usually in larger pinball locations often run by collectors or hardcore enthusiasts given the machines' average age (early 80's and older).

Note that most pinball history is contained in several popular recent 'coffee table' books (authors include Michael Shaloub, Marco Rossignoli, Roger Sharpe and Richard Bueschel, among others)
as opposed to online.  Russ Jensen's site below is probably the best online history site otherwise....

Some informational sites on past pinball manufacturers:
Gottlieb Pinball History & Evolution (1947-1979)
Bally Electronic Pinball Machines (german/english)
The last page(s) left on the original Williams site
Williams Woodrail Flipper Pinballs & other Williams arcade games
Game Plan
Italian mfr's (Nuova Bell, Mr. Game, Tecnoplay, Zaccaria) - Note: in Italian text only!
David Gersic's Zaccaria Pinball site (if you have any Zacc pins, a must see!)

Some pinball history:
Russ Jensen's pinball history pages
A VERY brief pinball history
Some more Pinball history

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