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Where to buy/sell pinballs?  Well, there are many good places, several listed below, to find them or sell yours.  A few tips for newbies to the hobby:

1) Take your time and buy smart.  In *most* cases, that 'rare machine' has a mate out there somewhere and if you buy on impulse, you may regret it.  Take the time to play the machine (if local) or play someone else's copy of the same machine, or attend a show - you may find the machine that looks great on eBay or the IPDB isn't that fun to play in reality, where the one you didn't think twice about or know about before is REALLY the one you want.

2) Talk to others.  Many others have likely played, bought or sold that machine or a similar one before you - ask around and see what others think.  The pinball newsgroups and shows are a great place to meet other pinheads and discuss.

3) Be careful on eBay.  eBay *can* be a good place to buy a machine.  It can also be a good place to buy a piece of junk, or a good/great machine at WAY too high a price (which means you still got rooked).  Do your research and review a seller's feedback before you decide to take the plunge.  Most reputable sellers will back up their product and offer some warranties or tech support after a purchase.  Watch out for exorbitant shipping costs (can be used when a seller knows the machine isn't worth much and is trying to make up the difference).  And be careful about sellers who use pics off the IPDB instead of the machine you are buying - stay well clear of those, there's a reason why they aren't showing you the actual pics!  Be careful, and you can often find a good deal or at least a reasonable one.

4) Finally, Buy Local if you can.  Local sellers have a vested interest in you being happy with your purchase (after all, you usually know where they live!).  And they can offer service in many cases if something goes wrong, or point you toward a 3rd party who may have worked on the machine in the past. You can usually save a LOT on shipping costs if you have a van, pickup (or a friend with same) who can help you safely haul the machine. Finally, you can never replace personal contact with a seller for sizing up a deal before you pay out the cash. 

Mr. Pinball Classifieds (probably the best around)

eBay - Pinballs for sale
(overall pinball category including parts and related items)

Basic Arcade Help - JAMMA Vs. Non-JAMMA games Buying a 1980's-1999 era Pinball machine on eBay (guidelines & advice)

Buying & Selling Video and Pinball games on Ebay

Classic Arcade Games - Buying an Arcade Machine

Pynball - "A New Tilt on Pinball Classifieds"
Boston Pinball - recent eBay sales and avg pricing (button in top middle of page)
John's Jukes Ltd.    (East Vancouver)
2343 Main Street, Vancouver
Phone: (604)872-5757    -    Fax: (604)872-2010


Craiglist - Pinball in Vancouver

eBay sellers from BC:

linkpete (great sellers, I bought my Xenon from them)



Nicade Services (handle pinballs and video games) - Vancouver buy/sell site similar to CL


Boise Pinball
208-344-5271 - message
email: Sander182 AT

Yellowstone Specialty Company
580 West 15th Street,
Idaho Falls, Idaho - 208-523-0382
Offering home sales, restoration, repair, and service of pinballs, jukeboxes, and pool tables. - (Mike Evans)
Craigslist - Boise pinball

Betson West (Portland)
Ricochet Pinball
Our Pinballs in Your Business (Repair too!) - Portland
Arcade Shopper (Portland)
Mountain Coin (Portland)

Mountain Coin eBay auctions

Specialty Coin Products
(SE Portland)

Craigslist - Portland pinball

A Quality Entertainment Company
6002 NE 112th Ave
Portland, OR 97220-1012

Coast Vending Machine Co.
6795 Southwest 111th Avenue
Beaverton, OR, 97008
(503) 643-4753

Columbia Amusement
5705 NE 105th Ave
Portland, OR 97220
(503) 256-3919


Classic Amusement
(Lake Stevens - north of Seattle, east of Everett)
Robb's Arcade Games (South Seattle area)
Jonathan Morrison (Seattle)

Pinheads Pinball
Buy/Trade/Repair (Seattle)
email: info(at)
Mountain Coin (Seattle)
Mike's Classic Arcades (Olympia)
Craigslist - Seattle pinball

Craigslist - Spokane pinball
Bullseye Amusement (Spokane)

PNW Facebook Pinball Classifieds Group
Local pinball parts and machines for sale

Freeplay Amusements
Repro parts, games for sale (Bellingham/Whatcom County)
Steve's Amusements (Olympia)
local:  360-701-7881
Pinball Restoration & Repair
Video Game Repair
Jukebox Repair
Quality at Reasonable Rates - Been Amused since 1983
West Coast Amusement
5107 E Fourth Plain Blvd
Vancouver, WA 98661
360-699-8750 -or- 360-694-5358

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